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President Obama’s Hidden Message to the World: “I’m Sexy and I Know It.”

Here’s the president of the United States of America… singing along to the words of an Electro-Pop club banger. As you do, of course.

Ahh, don’t you love it when people in the world get extra time on their hands? They get so productive.

But seriously though, this is awesome, hilarious, and definitely worth sharing.

All my love!

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Well, Well, Well… – Sarkozy calls Netanyahu a liar, Obama kinda agrees

Now, I’ve been an avid supporter of the creation of the State of Palestine since, well, forever. The injustice of the ILLEGAL OCCUPATION–as outlined by International Law, UN Security Council and the General Assembly, and the rest of the world (besides USA, Israel, and a few dots)–of Palestinian territory by Israeli forces and illegal settlers is absolutely astounding to me. Even more astoundingly unjust is the way and the notion under which the “State of Israel” was created in the first place.

This injustice was further perpetrated by the US and Israel two months ago at the UN Summit.

I’ve never had any reservations about calling President Obama a full-fledged hypocrite. He has consistently shown measures of hypocritical decision-making both in his own country’s affairs as well as in foreign issues. One minute he happily supports the creation of the Palestinian state, and the next he is nixing the idea because he is, that’s right, Netanyahu’s lap dog. And, what’s most startling about this hypocrisy is that you can’t even say that President Obama is a stupid, under-educated man like many presidents that preceded him–especially NOT when it comes to the issue of the Palestinians. President Obama was an acquaintance of the late and great scholar Professor Edward Said (a life-long supporter of the Palestinian cause), and was known to attend many of his lectures and talks which circulate around this subject (PROOF! PROOOF!). Obama is perhaps the smartest president that America has ever had. Yet, in all his knowledge and awareness of the injustice that the Palestinians are going through under these ILLEGAL occupations, he hypocritically supports Netanyahu in these actions and denies the Palestinians the right to recognition which every other person in the world enjoys. Obama commits this hypocrisy in the face of well over 120 countries who have voted in favor of the Palestinian state (many of which are close allies of the USA).

This Reuters article (and the video) which I just came across goes to embarrassingly show what a hypocritical lap dog Obama really is and that he actually KNOWS and is not oblivious to the war crimes which are being perpetrated by the completely ILLEGAL occupation of the State of Palestine by Israel and by Netanyahu.