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Project Glass: Exciting, Awesome… and Slightly Scary

Look, I’ve seen War of the Worlds. I’ve watched iRobot. Hollywood has provided some pretty good scenarios of what can possibly happen when technology can infiltrate every part of our life, become indispensable,  and eventually take on a life of its own (and turn us into worm food).

Technology is fun, exciting, and makes life super-duper easy. But, honestly, sometimes it can get scary. I mean, if you think about it, the more humans advance technology and make it more immersive and indispensable in our lives the more it blurs the line between how much we’re actually doing and what technology is doing all on it’s own.

It can be really trippy to think of a machine knowing my every thought, responding to my every whim in a very personal way, and being so “smart” that it can almost live my life for me. And I’m not talking science fiction here. If Siri (on the iPhone 4S) can operate as a fully functioning, all-knowing personal assistant that can crack a joke with you and discuss the meaning of life, then I think we’re getting pretty close to creating a true model for Artificial Intelligence.

And this Project Glass doo-hickey that Google has come up with definitely brings us even closer to this possibility of allowing technology to take on a life of its own. In fact, if Project Glass works as advertised, it would make the technology almost like an active body part. Like your brain or your eye or, you know, your appendix.

And does that sound exciting? Sure. Mind-bogglingly awesome? Hells yeah.

A little scary too? Maybe.

All my love!